Popular Goals

  • Start a College Savings Plan For My Kids
    Donald W. from St Louis, MO
    I want to make sure I can help my kids pay for college as student loans are harder to get and are more expensive. I want to start an ING Direct account for my kids and put money aside automatically each month.
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  • Save For a Family Vacation Next Fall
    Cynthia J. from Des Moines, IA
    We have not been on a family vacation in over a year! I want to eliminate useless spending like take out and restaurants. I will use that money to pay for our vacation in the next year. My goal is to save $2,000 for our summer beach house.
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  • Increase My Savings By $200 a Month
    Ana S. from Killington, VT
    I want to increase my savings by $200 a month. I am going to put an automatic transfer when I get paid, so that I will not forget to save and I can transfer more if I want to as the month goes.
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  • Save on Groceries by $30 a Month
    Darnell D. from Aberdeen, SD
    I want to by things that are on sale and create fresh meals that can be turned into leftovers. My local grocery store has $10 off on select Thursdays. I want to start clipping coupons and only buy the things that we need.
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