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  • I Have to Get AG Jeans At an Affordable Price!
    Ari R. from Aberdeen, SD
    To find a pair of AG jeans at a price that I can afford, I am going to take a look at a few local consignment shops. Consignment shops offer boutique brand jeans at a fraction of the price!
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    • Good idea going to the consignment shops! I'm sure you'll find your jeans! Kimberly G. from Newport, RI
  • Set Up Regular Service With Air Conditioning Contractors
    Angela H. from Oxford, NC
    I would like to shop around for regular yearly service with air conditioning contractors. Getting my air conditioning checked before summer hits will allow me to make sure my cooling system is working as efficiently as possible and lower my electric bill.
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    • That is a great idea! I am sure you will save money with an air conditioner that works efficiently. Madison C. from Milwaukee, WI

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  • My skin seems to get more and more sensitive as I get older. So I want to use all natural no chemicals added body and bath products, where online can I find some at a reasonable price?
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    Asked by Angela H.
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    • Answer Sensitive Skin requires the most gentle ingredients in order to not get irritation. Try looking for all natural bar soap at your local Wal Mart for around $1 per bar. For online products go to www.burtsbees.com for some of the most amazing and mosturizing all natural products out there. Mel L. from Sacramento, CA
  • I am looking to get my first cell phone. Who has the best cell phone services in terms of price and quality?
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    Asked by Brynn N.
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    • Answer If you don't use a lot of minutes to talk but text a lot, then T-mobile's pre paid plan is the way to go. For $15 a month you recieve unlimited texting and can always add more for calling. If you use your phone quite a bit, then I suggest Cricket wireless. For $45 a month you get unlimited texts, photo messaging, and unlimited calls. Addison P. from Cleveland, OH

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