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  • Save Money On Domains With GoDaddy Coupon Codes
    Mel L. from Sacramento, CA
    I have a bad habit of purchasing a lot of web domains, so I should at least search for GoDaddy coupon codes whenever I make a domain purchase online to save a couple of bucks every time. This kind of money saved adds up.
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    • Snatching coupon codes is a great idea to put more money in your pockets! Keep doing that and count it as it adds up! Kane W. from Cleveland, OH
  • HP Coupons
    Mary V. from Freeport, ME
    Cut Home Office Costs with HP Coupons I will cut the costs associated with my home office by taking advantage of HP coupons when I purchase refill cartridges for my home printer.
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    • That is great! It will make you feel so good to know you saved money with very little effort! Gail M. from Des Moines, IA

Q&A about: Coupons & Savings

  • Are coupon savings worth the time and effort?
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    Asked by Addison P.
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    • Answer They are definitely worth the time and effort. Just last month I saved over $800 using coupons and I only spent $220 for the entire month for a family of 5. It does take time but I find worth it, not only did I get what I needed for the month but I now have a stockpile as well. One of my favorite sites to use is Living Rich With Coupons. Gloria S. from Bellevue, WA
  • What is coupon mountain and can it save me money?
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    Asked by Evelyn J.
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    • Answer Couponmountain.com is a website that lists online deals and coupons in one convenient place, updated throughout the day. (http://www.couponmountain.com/About_CouponMountain.html) You can save money using couponmountain.com if you normally purchase the items it features, but if you simply buy what is there because it's "on sale" or a "good deal" you will not save money in the long run. Mel L. from Sacramento, CA

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