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  • Are coupon sites for profit or non-profit?
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    Asked by Suzanne J.
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    • Answer This is an excellent question. Coupon sites are for profit sites. Coupon sites earn income by placing ads on their site. While coupon sites are for profit, sites such as smartsource.com and cellfire.com allow you to print coupons without any cost to you. Lane B. from Sacramento, CA
  • How do I start my own coupon website?
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    Asked by Gordon R.
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    • Answer To start a website you have to choose a domain that you want to work with. Then there are some steps to follow to make it a useful website for people to use to find coupons. Here is a step by step guide, http://www.ehow.com/how_5576558_start-coupon-website.html Glen G. from Miami, FL

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